Workshop 2011

In the course of the development of the NeuroDiseaseMonitor, the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Bonn (DZNE) and the PMV Forschungsgruppe, Cologne, organized the workshop "Monitoring Dementia – Towards a Dementia Monitoring System and a Dementia Registry in Germany", which took place on November 17-18, 2011. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the use of registry and health insurance data for the purposes of dementia monitoring.

The workshop brought together experts who have either established a national dementia registry, or are working with registry or health data in the area of dementia and cognitive functioning. The following aspects were discussed:

  • Research findings about the prevalence and incidence of dementia in Europe
  • Existing population-based data sources that permit epidemiological studies of dementia
  • The need for new data sources
  • Population-based data from health registries and health insurers
  • The contribution of these data to a better understanding of the risk of dementia and the health pathways of dementia patients
  • The validity of data from health insurers for the purposes of monitoring trends in dementia
  • The creation of a national dementia registry in Germany
  • Lessons from the experience of existing dementia registries, as well as of national cancer registries

The presentations can be accessed here:

Workshop 2013

The DZNE aims at strengthening the interdisciplinary scientific exchange between clinical and population-based epidemiological research. In the course of the Symposium "Neurodegenerative Diseases: New Insights from Registries, Cohorts and Health Care Data", internationally renowned scientists presented their latest research results by using registers, population-based cohort studies, as well as administrative data of health care insurances.The symposium took place in Bonn on April 29-30, 2013.

Detailed information about the program can be found here: